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Studio known for the Torchlight series.

Torchlight Infinite skyrockets to its best numbers in over a year thanks to its Whispering Mist season

It may prove to be a momentary blip in the scheme of things, but a resurgence of interest in Torchlight Infinite has returned this...

The last remains of Perfect World Entertainment rebrand as Arc Games following Gearbox sale to Take-Two

Don't look now, but the chunk of Gearbox that MMORPG players cared about is changing its name. Readers will recall that back in 2021, Embracer...

Whatever happened to Torchlight III aka Torchlight Frontiers?

The other day we were reminiscing about the beloved Torchlight franchise in the MassivelyOP office and ended up wondering what happened to its third...
Oddly beautiful.

The MOP Up: Aion, Lineage 2, and Blade and Soul get ready for a new launcher

Blade and Soul, Lineage II, and Aion are all preparing to migrate everyone from the old launcher to the new PLAYNC platform. NCsoft posted...
Just barely avoided this fate.

Perfect Ten: The MMO franchises that can’t count past two

Back in the day, there was a running joke about how Capcom had shown with Street Fighter that the company could not count higher...

Torchlight Infinite’s new Twinightmare season brings new hero, new skills, and a seasonal dream mechanic

Good and bad dreams are arriving to the OARPG Torchlight: Infinite today as the game's latest season is live with some new updates, a...

Torchlight Infinite brings a new map and character buffs in its Hunter’s Odyssey preseason event

The hunters of Torchlight Infinite can now experience an odyssey, which is more like the game's third preseason that's running between now and Monday,...

The MOP Up: Palia releases its super-chill soundtrack

Feast your ear-tongues on these sound-pops: Palia's completely chill score is now available as a full 24-track album that you can listen to on...

Torchlight Infinite’s City of Aeterna is live tonight with the new Iris character

It's release day for Torchlight Infinite as XD Games opens gates to The City of Aeterna - or rather, will do starting at 8...

Torchlight Infinite previews its September 7 City of Aeterna update

Players of Torchlight Infinite already knew that the City of Aeterna update was coming on September 7th, but now they have a better idea...

Torchlight Infinite launches City of Aeterna on September 8

Multiplayer mobile title Torchlight Infinite announced a new expansion overnight: It's called The City of Aeterna, and it's arriving on September 8th. We don't...

RuneScape launches the Dead and Buried quest, Old School RuneScape hypes next week’s Desert Treasure II

It's time for the next step forward in RuneScape's Fort Forinthry story, and this time Jagex is promising that this one is putting the...

The MOP Up: Torchlight Infinite plans a ‘basic online feature’ for a future patch

When will Torchlight Infinite grow the online game it clearly aspires to be? The studio addressed co-op expansion in a recent Q&A, saying, "We...

The MOP Up: Spellcraft changes course after a disappointing preseason

Spellcraft explained why it didn't hold a promised preseason event last month, saying, "In our last update we signaled our intent to run another...

Global Chat: How insistent are MMOs that you group up?

In a recent essay over at Inventory Full, the author looks back at a couple decades-plus of MMO gaming to recall how fast and...

The Daily Grind: How many online ARPGs have you played?

I can't imagine why I have ARPGs on the brain right now, but I do. And in fact, I've been enjoying a fair bit...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 423: The Overwatch MMO we’ll never get

Justin and Bree discuss Amazon's LOTR title and shade for LOTRO, Overwatch 2's PvE debacle, Worlds Adrift's return as Lost Skies, and delays for Nightingale, Ashfall, and Wayfinder, with adventures in LOTRO and Torchlight II, plus mailbag topics on character build freedom and the natural and unnatural ends of MMO characters.

Torchlight Infinite officially launches out of early access tonight

It's official launch day for mobile-and-PC Torchlight Infinite, or launch night, rather, as the doors formally open at 8 p.m. EDT this evening. If...

The MOP Up: Chrono Odyssey preps gameplay video, plans global release

Expect to start hearing more buzz about South Korean next-gen MMO Chrono Odyssey now that it's ramping up hype and info. Its studio told...

Torchlight Infinite will finally launch globally May 9 with the Cube of Rapacity season

XD Games is finally gearing up to move multiplayer crossplatform OARPG Torchlight Infinite from open beta early access - where it's been since last...