Torchlight Infinite’s new Twinightmare season brings new hero, new skills, and a seasonal dream mechanic


Good and bad dreams are arriving to the OARPG Torchlight: Infinite today as the game’s latest season is live with some new updates, a dream-focused seasonal mechanic, and a new character for those who spend money.

The new character, Rosa the High Court Chariot, promises some impressive defensive abilities as well as the ability to transform into an unstoppable chariot that curses enemies she runs over. As mentioned earlier, however, this character is paywalled, available only through purchasing the season pass.

Of course, there’s more than a character for sale in the new season, as the main gameplay headline is the introduction of dream lotuses to maps. These seasonal interactables have a chance of unleashing a Good Dream, which spawns dream monsters to slay that drop rewards, but the more rewards a character collects, the more frequently they’ll be challenged by an ever-strengthening nightmare. Players are being challenged to survive these assaults for some of the season’s finest rewards, which can be improved through upgrading talents in a special seasonal panel.

In addition, the latest patch introduces four new skills to the game’s existing heroes, a seasonal festival that adds a special currency to spend on legendary gear and avatars, and several quality-of-life features that improve looting and make it easier for players to share builds. The patch will also pack in a spring festival event that will engage during the Lunar New Year, with limited-time tasks to take on for goodies.

In other Torchlight: Infinite news, the devs have answered a number of player questions that ask about weapons and stats, legendary items, abilities, and other granular matters. Many of the answers read like they’re pretty specific to certain characters and builds, but for those who are deep in the meta weeds, the Q&A may provide some insight.

sources: press release, TapTap
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