torchlight infinite

Torchlight Infinite officially launches out of early access tonight

It's official launch day for mobile-and-PC Torchlight Infinite, or launch night, rather, as the doors formally open at 8 p.m. EDT this evening. If...

Torchlight Infinite will finally launch globally May 9 with the Cube of Rapacity season

XD Games is finally gearing up to move multiplayer crossplatform OARPG Torchlight Infinite from open beta early access - where it's been since last...

Torchlight Infinite addresses DPS nerfing, difficulty, and balance

Torchlight Infinite is continuing the comms following its earlier admittance that Season 2 didn't hit the mark, this time with a bundle of answers...

Torchlight Infinite admits its Blacksail season ‘wasn’t as good as expected’ and outlines tweaks for future seasons

If you were among those players of Torchlight Infinite who found the ARPG's second season to be a little lackluster, perhaps you'll be mollified...

Torchlight Infinite takes on the king of the pirates in Season 2

A new era for XD's Torchlight Infinite arrives today, ushering in Season 2 and a brand-new game mode for the mobile ARPG. Blacksail challenges...

Torchlight Infinite offers patch notes and a video preview of its January 12 Season of Blacksail

Torchlight Infinite may have already shared a preview of its January 12th Season of Blacksail, but now it's sharing another preview as well as...

Torchlight Infinite plans new season in January along with PC controller support

If multiplayer Torchlight Infinite has fallen off your radar since its October early access launch, allow us to put it back on, as XD...
Well, let's give this a shot.

Betawatch: Embers Adrift is launching at last

Congratulations, Embers Adrift: Today we bid farewell to your place on our list! All right, yes, technically the game's actual launch is tomorrow and...

Torchlight Infinite launches into early access with cross-platform multiplayer

The Torchlight franchise just welcomed its newest member into the fold this week -- but this one may not look and feel like the...

Diablo II creator David Brevik hops on board the Torchlight: Infinite team

With a month to go until Torchlight: Infinite's multi-platform launch, studio XD is looking for every avenue possible to promote the action RPG. So...

Torchlight Infinite’s mobile beta starts this week

Are you ready to give the Torchlight series another shot? While the underwhelming rollout of Torchlight III may have soured people on this franchise, we...

Torchlight Infinite, XD’s new singleplayer ARPG, just opened closed beta signups

MMO players are likely still smarting from the dramatic shift Torchlight Frontiers took - from an actual MMORPG into a stripped-down Torchlight III that...