Diablo II creator David Brevik hops on board the Torchlight: Infinite team


With a month to go until Torchlight: Infinite’s multi-platform launch, studio XD is looking for every avenue possible to promote the action RPG. So why not snag the famous game designer behind Diablo II and Marvel Heroes for your project?

XD announced this week that Skystone Games’ David Brevik is joining the team as a consulting producer. “Together we are going to make the best hack-and-slash game yet,” Brevik said. “Excited to help out! It’s going to be fun!”

Torchlight: Infinite is currently in beta testing and is scheduled to release on PC and mobile in October. As readers will recall, it was originally announced as a single-player title late last year, but it’s listed with “cross-platform multiplayer” on Steam now. All players can check out this particular ARPG when open beta starts on October 12th.

Source: Twitter
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