Neverwinter brings updates to the Band of Air today, prepares to reopen the Hell Pit September 22


The immediate future of Neverwinter is bringing a different ring and a returning event this week, with today’s patch applying previously discussed changes to the Band of Air ring and preparing the reopening of the Hell Pit.

The newly released content patch saw its patch notes shared ahead of time, calling attention to the updated Band of Air, along with a fix that closes the ability for players to have multiple Paragon paths, a stipend of battle pass XP for players who didn’t get their XP from Rothe Valley skirmishes, and a few general updates.

The patch also laid the groundwork for the Hell Pit event’s return on Thursday, September 22nd, which readers will recall pits players against waves of enemies for rewards. The event will run between September 22nd and October 13th, with a minimum requirement of 14 successes if players want their participation goodies.

source: official site (1, 2)
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