Official Site: Neverwinter
Studio: Cryptic Studios/Perfect World Entertainment
Launch Date: June 20, 2013
Genre: Fantasy Themepark
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC, Xbox One

The Stream Team: Reclaiming the Rock in Neverwinter

Massively OP's MJ has finished up both the air and he fire elemental crises in Neverwinter. Now, in keeping with her tradition of going...

Neverwinter opens up about next week’s Precipice of War battle pass

A new battle pass is coming to Neverwinter next week that will run for over three months. And like previous passes, this one will...
Oh, a thing!

Neverwinter answers questions about console beta shards, legacy toons, stronghold updates, and more

Last week, Neverwinter's executive producer Brett Norton was summoned forth to a Q&A video session, and while there's a video to watch, there's...

One Shots: Stop clowning around

Sometimes the music compels you. Sometimes people won't stop throwing peanuts at you until you do a jig for them. And sometimes you get...

Neverwinter’s Menzoberranzan launches March 28 ahead of the game’s tenth birthday

Cryptic and Gearbox formally announced that Neverwinter's Menzoberranzan module will roll out to PC and console on March 28th. Menzoberranzan is the game's 25th...

Neverwinter readies an underground trial full of illusions and traps for unwary visitors

You know what's a fun word to quickly say six times in a row? "Menzoberranzan." And you best be practicing that too because Neverwinter's...

The Stream Team: Financial tracking in Neverwinter

Massively OP's MJ has been instructed to hit Neverwinter's Fire Cultists where it really hurts: their profits! (Wait, are they ancestors of Ferengi?!) She's...

One Shots: Welcome to your adorable nightmare

So where do you come down on the subject of Final Fantasy XIV's Lalafells? There's no middle ground here; either you're in love with...

The Stream Team: Extinguishing Fire Cultists in Neverwinter

Who loves to play with fire? Massively OP's MJ, that's who! But even though she loves to create fire, there are also times she...

Embracer’s revenues soar as LOTR gets new games and Neverwinter, Star Trek Online bolster back catalogue

Embracer Group posted its fiscal year Q3 2022 earnings today, representing the fourth quarter of the year (October, November, and December). The megacorp saw...

Neverwinter elaborates on upcoming combat companion balancing and prepares another Siege event

Companion NPCs can be a pretty invaluable tool when making your way through the battles of Neverwinter, but it looks like those combat companions...

The Stream Team: Betrayal and bedfellows in Neverwinter

Thanks to betrayal, Neverwinter's Captain Montrose is forced to work with the Zhentarim (whom she really didn't want to be indebted to) in order...

The Stream Team: Fighting fire in Neverwinter is hard

Massively OP's MJ was really looking forward to starting the fire portion of the elemental evil quest arcs. However, she didn't expect that fighting...

The MOP Up: Apex Legends revamps its matchmaking system

Ever wonder how a competitive online game pairs you up with other people for skirmishes? In a new dev blog, Apex Legends' team went...

Neverwinter invites you to comfort doggos during its fireworks-bedazzled Feast of Lanterns

If you're not tired of bunnies invading MMOs - and really, I don't think I ever will be, bunnies are great - then point...

Global Chat: The MMO blogs you should be reading in 2023

Welcome to a new year of Global Chat -- and with it, the anticipation of a great assortment of MMO blog essays, questions, guides,...

The Stream Team: It’s time to play with fire in Neverwinter

What does it look like when Massively OP's MJ is in her element? Fire! Lots and lots of fire! If you've ever watched her...

The Game Archaeologist’s ultimate MMO archives v6.0

And that's a wrap on this year in history! While everyone says farewell to 2022, here at TGA we're always looking way back at...

The Stream Team: Wandering Neverwinter’s Winter Festival of Simril

While Massively OP's MJ hasn't been doing The Winter Festival of Simril in Neverwinter daily this year, she still plans to enjoying the season...

Massively Uplifting: A season of gains and losses in the MMO world

Where has the year gone? Fall has wrapped up, winter is beginning, and the end of the year draws nigh. Today, many will be...