Neverwinter makes tweaks to regions, companions, and items in latest patch


The latest patch for Neverwinter is another of those little ones that mostly focuses on tweaks and fixes, but considering it reaches across a wide variety of things across the MMORPG, it’s still worth reporting on regardless.

The patch makes some targeted changes to zones in the game, fixing an issue with a Wildspace area, stopping players from being able to leap off of the Moondancer’s observation deck, and replacing the Jade Dragonnel mount with its correct model as opposed to some floating placeholder text.

In terms of combat matters, a pair of companions were adjusted, the Divine Aegis enchantment should now properly trigger for certain Bard songs, and some buffs were applied to a pair of items. The patch otherwise stops Wildspace monsters from dropping an unusable currency, fixes some UI bugs, and addresses some lockbox item matters.

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