Neverwinter outlines changes coming to the Band of Air item and elaborates on overall balance rationale


Do you own the Band of Air ring in Neverwinter? Then you’re going to want to take a look at a recently announced set of changes made to the item as the devs feel that this particular piece of jewelry is “universally acknowledged as extremely strong.”

These adjustments include the ring’s proc effects going off only with attacks the player makes, a “significant” reduction in its damage amount, and some slight tweaks to its set bonuses. The post takes an extremely close look at the reasoning behind these changes and tries to break it all down for players, ultimately hoping to make the Band of Air “a strong endgame-usable item, but not so extremely powerful as before.”

Between this adjustment and a tweak to the Bone Devil’s Ribcage item made in May, many players are wondering just what the overall line of thinking is when the devs want to make balance changes, which leads to an additional dev blog that tries to explain just that. In extremely condensed terms, a nerfing to an item usually happens when it does one of three things: directly damages the player experience, creates a have vs. have-nots situation, or stops the devs from creating a new piece of kit in that item’s slot.

source: official site (1, 2)
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