Neverwinter reduces the stat bonus on the Bone Devil’s Ribcage to more reasonable levels


That Bone Devil had a heck of a ribcage, huh? Neverwinter had a bit of a problem with the Bone Devil’s Ribcage, because the item was just too powerful on the whole. So it’s being made less powerful; instead of offering a total of 15% increase to Critical Hit and Critical Severity via a stacking buff, it will now offer half of that, making for a total stat increase of 15% instead of 30%.

This explanation is followed not just by an apology for the need to make the adjustment but also an explanation of how the team will balance stat improvements per item piece in the future, as well as a larger-scale explanation of how making any single item too powerful creates an escalating power creep that makes it harder to provide new and desirable rewards in the future. It’s an interesting read if you’re curious about how the game balance as a whole works. If you’re not? Just know that the Bone Devil’s Ribcage is going to be a bit weaker.

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