ArcheAge’s latest patch improves a number of facets of the player experience

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At long last, you can climb up to the masts on the Cargo Ship in ArcheAge. The game has long forbidden players to go up there for a variety of reasons, most notably the fact that some players were going to start shouting that they were the kings of the world (that’s not even where Leonardo was standing when he said that, dang it), but the new patch will allow you to head up to the top of the masts. This is a pretty consistent element of the game’s newest patch, improving the experience for players all along the way.

For example, players can look forward to a slower raid cycle in the Garden of the Gods, which moves from a two-hour cycle to a four-hour one to allow less frequent turnover. The Wide View option has been made, well, even wider. A specific quest bottleneck in Aegis Island has been addressed to improve the player experience. It’s just a lot of nice touches to hopefully make player experiences in ArcheAge that much more pleasant. That’s nice, isn’t it?

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