So long, guy. You looked good.

Motiga’s MOBA Gigantic has been resurrected… for 33 hours starting this afternoon

So here's a nice surprise for a Thursday morning: If you missed the old Motiga MOBA-shooter Gigantic, you can play it again - briefly. MMO...

Rumor: Embracer is trying to sell Gearbox – and therefore Cryptic and its MMORPGs

The Embracer Group contract disaster continues to generate destructive waves all over the gaming industry, and now it's landing at our doorstep, as the...
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Embracer Group’s botched $2B deal was with Saudi Arabia’s Savvy Games Group

If you're a fan of the games put out by Cryptic Studios or just Gearbox Publishing in general, you probably have not forgotten that...

The Stream Team: Taking on the Root once again in Remnant 2

MOP's Chris is fighting the evil Root once again! He's heading into Remnant 2 for some nail-biting, demon-blasting, and death counter-feeding fun! Come join...

Embracer (Gearbox) announces major restructure with layoffs and canceled games

Just three weeks ago, Embracer Group - the megacorp that owns gobs of properties, including Gearbox, which governs Cryptic and a bunch of MMORPGs...

Embracer Group (Gearbox/Cryptic) stock nose-dives after implosion of $2B business deal

Swedish corporation Embracer Group became a big name in the MMO industry a few years ago when it bought out Perfect World Entertainment's western...
Oh, a thing!

Neverwinter answers questions about console beta shards, legacy toons, stronghold updates, and more

Last week, Neverwinter's executive producer Brett Norton was summoned forth to a Q&A video session, and while there's a video to watch, there's...

Embracer’s revenues soar as LOTR gets new games and Neverwinter, Star Trek Online bolster back catalogue

Embracer Group posted its fiscal year Q3 2022 earnings today, representing the fourth quarter of the year (October, November, and December). The megacorp saw...

Remember Remnant From the Ashes? It’s back and coming to the Nintendo Switch

It's been a few years since we talked about co-op multiplayer shooter Remnant From the Ashes, and there's a good reason for that: Perfect...

Forsaken World officially sunsets, but there’s already a private server available

Gearbox Publishing announced at the tail end of April that it would be shutting down Perfect World Entertainment's MMORPG Forsaken World on November 30th....

The Daily Grind: Should MMO studios ditch forums for an official Discord server?

With Discord becoming so prominent in the gaming industry over the past half-decade, it's no surprise that some studios are abandoning forums entirely to...

Neverwinter outlines changes coming to the Band of Air item and elaborates on overall balance rationale

Do you own the Band of Air ring in Neverwinter? Then you're going to want to take a look at a recently announced set...

Embracer Group is rebranding Perfect World Entertainment as Gearbox Publishing

Following the buyout of Perfect World's North American branch by Embracer and its Gearbox subsidiary last year, Gearbox has announced that Perfect World Entertainment...
Play to wlin.

Everything we learned about PWE’s and Cryptic’s MMOs thanks to the Embracer buyout

Earlier this week, we covered the news that Perfect World's North American branch, and by extension its publishing branch and Cryptic Studios, had been...

Not So Massively: Godfall’s Challenger Edition is a flawed introduction to a flawed game

I've been keeping one eye on Godfall for a while. I didn't want to take a chance on a game from a new franchise...

PWE and Cryptic have been bought out by Gearbox’s Embracer Group

We keep joking that the week before Christmas is basically the Friday night of burying last-minute news, and it keeps on proving us right....

Borderlands 3, now fully live on Steam, previews next content drop

Hey, remember Borderlands 3? When the only way to play it on PC was to install the confusingly maligned Epic Games Store? Well that...

Battleborn is shutting down for good in January 2021

It's been about two years since Battleborn stopped receiving any updates, but at least it's still operational and playable. But not for all that...

Borderlands 3 releases its launch trailer, dreams of having an anime and a theme park

With four days left before Borderlands 3 arrives to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 13th, Gearbox Software is looking to drum up...

Borderlands 3 drops new trailer, details, and preorders ahead of September 13 launch

September 13th will be here sooner than you think, and Borderlands 3 is making sure everyone is reminded of the date as the solo/multiplayer...