New Gigantic vid sees current and former devs discuss reviving the shooter MOBA


With news of the MOBA Gigantic making a return as the buy-to-play Gigantic: Rampage Edition, many fans are probably curious exactly how Gearbox, Abstraction Games, and Motiga came together to make the revival possible. That’s the subject of a recent dev diary video that brings together current and former devs to talk about how Rampage Edition came to be.

The video features co-creator of the original Gigantic Christopher Chung, who talks about his excitement to see the game come back, including the heroes and Rush mode that Motiga never got to release when the game was still under the studio’s banner, along with QA testers and its lead game designer, all of whom talk about learning the original title inside and out while adding their own new things like the new maps, better AI bots, and other quality-of-life additions. The devs also talk up Rush mode as a way to get in quickly and learn the game, along with new characters Kajir and Roland.

The video closes with thanks from Abstraction’s devs for the support of the title and affirmation that Rampage Edition is possible because of players’ urge to get back in. As we reported, the game is set to return on April 9th.

source: YouTube
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