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Gigantic patches out crashes and bugs, promises ranked mode’s release soon

Ever since Gigantic made its bumpy return, developer Abstraction has been attempting to provide the TLC our PvP columnist Sam feels it seriously needs....

Fight or Kite: Gigantic is a fantastic MOBA, but it’s missing a bit of Q and A and TLC

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been keeping a cursory eye on the development and release of Gigantic: Rampage Edition - another resurrected...

Gigantic hands out goodies and preps a double XP weekend as compensation for server issues

Last week, the shooter MOBA Gigantic promised a compensation package for fans as an apology for its rickety relaunch. This week, those fans now...

Gigantic readies another attempt at a server fix and plans a compensation package for players

Gigantic continues to unfortunately be caught in the throes of server-related launch problems, but Arc Games and Abstraction believe that they may have a...

Gigantic’s buy-to-play relaunch is being tripped up by ongoing server connection issues

Gigantic's return as the buy-to-play Rampage Edition has gone the way of nearly every MMO and multiplayer game's launch, which is to say poorly,...
Owly enough for the owl club.

MOBA shooter Gigantic officially resurrects as the Rampage Edition – here are the patch notes

If you were among the many fans who were holding a candle for the third-person MOBA shooter Gigantic, then your faith has been rewarded...

First Impressions: Gigantic Rampage Edition’s classic Clash mode and the game’s overall plans for the future

I admit that when I was first invited by Gearbox Publishing to get my hands on the resurgent Gigantic, I was mostly awestruck. I...

Gigantic reboot reveals new-old hero, the blunderbuss-toting gadgeteer Roland

Three weeks out from its relaunch, Gearbox's MOBA Gigantic is still dropping previews of the new content the Abstraction Gams team has added since...

New Gigantic vid sees current and former devs discuss reviving the shooter MOBA

With news of the MOBA Gigantic making a return as the buy-to-play Gigantic: Rampage Edition, many fans are probably curious exactly how Gearbox, Abstraction...

First Impressions: Gigantic resurrects as a B2P no-cash-shop Rampage Edition on April 9

Gigantic still stands out in my mind as the only MOBA game that I ever enjoyed. Ever. I loved its art style. I loved...

ARK: Survival Evolved passes certification with its PlayStation 4 version

Good news today for dinosaur fans with a PlayStation 4; it looks as if the PS4 version of ARK: Survival Evolved has successfully passed...