ARK: Survival Evolved passes certification with its PlayStation 4 version


Good news today for dinosaur fans with a PlayStation 4; it looks as if the PS4 version of ARK: Survival Evolved has successfully passed its certification tests for the platform. The initial tweet indicated that the builds worked well, but the team behind the port confirmed that the certification tests went just fine and can comfortably be released for players to tame dinosaurs in a whole new setting.

Of course, we still don’t know when the port is actually coming out, as Abstraction Games (the studio behind the console port) has also said that the release window is not entirely up to them. But it does mean that it’s not entirely out of the question, and that particular roadblock is sorted and over with. So perhaps if you get any gift cards for purchasing games off of the PlayStation store interface, hold on to that if you’re eager to jump on the dino-taming train.

Source: Twitter via PlayStation LifeStyle; thanks to Mr. Poolaty for the tip!
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