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Vitae Aeternum: New World’s Aeternum relaunch is actually a solid update – with terrible timing and comms

After months of waiting, New World's June mystery announcement has been revealed as New World: Aeternum, a console release coupled with a rebranding and...

Vitae Aeternum: So just what is New World’s big June announcement?

For the past few months, Amazon Games has repeated the same mantra in regards to New World's future: Wait for the announcement in June....
At long last, shooty men!

Warface is now in early access for Xbox One

It's time for Warface to once again expand to a new console. All of the cool kids are doing it, after all, and its...
Someone wanted this, maybe.

TERA starts its technical console test on December 14

So, why haven't we gotten a lot of news about the TERA console version? Product manager Matt Denomme has put forth a new video...
Let the sky forge.

Skyforge is arriving on PlayStation 4 this spring

The PlayStation consoles have long held a claim on the God of War franchise, but why stop there? Why have just one god when...

ARK: Survival Evolved is hitting the PlayStation 4 on December 6

Get ready to fight some dinosaurs on the PlayStation 4 - ARK: Survival Evolved is launching on the platform on December 6th, less than...

ARK: Survival Evolved passes certification with its PlayStation 4 version

Good news today for dinosaur fans with a PlayStation 4; it looks as if the PS4 version of ARK: Survival Evolved has successfully passed...
Could mean anything.

Rumor: Marvel Heroes code points to a PlayStation port; Beast and Black Bolt on the way

It's easy to get carried away based on circumstantial evidence when speculating about the future. Players have been suspecting that Marvel Heroes might be...
Tuesday point five.

Star Trek Online walks fans through the console experience

Excited to have Star Trek Online available to play on your couch instead of just the computer? It'll be like watching a new season...

Dragon Quest X is getting ported to the Nintendo NX as well as the PlayStation 4

If you're wondering when you'll finally going to be able to enjoy Dragon Quest X despite neither living in Japan nor speaking a word...
Back, back, back in time.

Star Trek Online is heading to Star Trek Las Vegas

Are you heading out to the City of Gin-Soaked Regrets (or "Las Vegas" as it's more commonly known) for Star Trek Las Vegas? Because...
Time after time after time etc.

Star Trek Online previews the missions of the 23rd century and its console UI

When Star Trek Online goes back in time to the era of the original series, players are going to have plenty of temporal antics...
look out it is a vortex

Star Trek Online discusses graphical upgrades for its console launch

The graphics could be better in Star Trek Online. That's not really a value judgement; the game has been out for six years now,...
It's the ride.

Funcom launches The Park on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

In the mood for a bit of horror in May? If you passed on The Park (the single-player narrative spin-off from The Secret World)...
I'm sure someone thinks this is neat.

SMITE launches on Xbox One on 8/19

The testing is finished and there's nothing left for SMITE to do but launch properly on Xbox One. So the game is indeed launching...