Rumor: Marvel Heroes code points to a PlayStation port; Beast and Black Bolt on the way

Could mean anything.

It’s easy to get carried away based on circumstantial evidence when speculating about the future. Players have been suspecting that Marvel Heroes might be making plans to port over to consoles, but there’s been little real evidence. Skills are getting more simplified, sure, but they had gotten overcomplicated. Only one skill tray to use? That could just be a UI cleanup. Simpler systems? Again, fighting against overcomplication! Code snippets in the official game referring to the PlayStation?

All right, that one does probably mean something.

Yes, careful fan examination has revealed a few tags in the game’s client that point toward various PlayStation 4-specific functions, which may very well be the smoking gun necessary to support this particular theory; combined with several other elements that could be pointing toward a console port (and the fact that discussion about it has been deleted from the forums), and everything lines up rather nicely. Obviously, nothing has been formally announced or confirmed, so it all remains well within the realm of speculation, but it’s now well within the realm of plausible speculation with supporting evidence.

Last night, the team streamed a bit of the upcoming update, revealing that the next hero will be Beast, followed by Black Bolt. Jubilee and Medusa team-ups on the way as well. The stream is tucked below.

Source: TwitchReddit; thanks to Pashgan for the tip!
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