Korean MMO from the ’90s returns to life


Have you ever heard of an MMO called Helbreath? Don’t be ashamed if you haven’t, as it never hit the big leagues and has been off the market for a while now.

Helbreath was created by Siementech and launched in South Korea back in 1999. The MMO was an isometric hack-and-slash title in the vein of Diablo and Lineage, with a strong emphasis on PvP. In the years following, it expanded globally, but apparently at some point Helbreath puttered to a stop. Unofficial servers kept the game running (and apparently there were a lot of them).

Now Helbreath proper has returned. This past October, the game came back online in an official capacity, welcoming players to this free-to-play title. The team even has been updating the game on a regular basis, showing some dedication to this nearly two-decades-old MMO. Check it out and who knows? There might be some fun tucked away in here for you.

Source: Helbreath via Reddit

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