Gigantic reboot reveals new-old hero, the blunderbuss-toting gadgeteer Roland


Three weeks out from its relaunch, Gearbox’s MOBA Gigantic is still dropping previews of the new content the Abstraction Gams team has added since announcing its buy-to-play Rampage edition. So far, we’ve had teasers for the two new maps bolstering the original lineup. Now, we’re getting a closer look at one of the new heroes.

We’re using the word “new” a little loosely here because this hero was actually developed by Motiga back in the day and was even playable during one of the original alphas neatly 10 years ago, but he was scrapped before launch, so most folks have never seen him. We’re talking about the inimitable Roland.

“A ranged DPS, shooter archetype hero armed with a blunderbuss and gadgets, Roland is a world-hardened man, who lost his arm, but gained unparalleled reach thanks to his grappling hook. With the grappling hook, it can be used to strategically get to different locations in each map – and can be used to either get closer to or further away from enemies. With his hook and blunderbuss in hand, along with powerful gadgets such as his trusty drone and tricky entangling bolas, he can dish out plenty of damage to enemies in an instant while deploying traps to stop enemies in their tracks.”

Roland is one of two new heroes on the way; we’re guessing we’ll get a good look at the other one next week. Gigantic relaunches on PC, PS 4/5, and Xbox One/X|S on April 9th.

Source: Press release
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