Neverwinter answers questions about console beta shards, legacy toons, stronghold updates, and more

Oh, a thing!

Last week, Neverwinter’s executive producer Brett Norton was summoned forth to a Q&A video session, and while there’s a video to watch, there’s also a handy summary post to skim through. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Chaotic Writings can still be spent even though Juma escaped Vallenhas (fantasy names, am I right?), but their value will drop quite a bit, so the devs encourage players to spend them before M25 releases.
  • The Wonders of Gond event is not up for a retooling yet, but players should expect some new things out of the upcoming 10th anniversary.
  • Getting the Xbox and PlayStation beta shards online has turned into a far trickier challenge than PC beta shards, but the devs are trying to work on it. Even so, some features like character copying are not going to make it due to console limitations.
  • Fixing legacy toons is described as a technical software problem that likely won’t be available for M25, but players should also not expect the problem to last too long. Ideally.
  • Strongholds will not see any substantial updates anytime soon, though “a couple of other smaller ones” “might” be available in the next few months.
  • Siege of Neverwinter dragons one-shotting players is not intended design, and should be addressed in the next run of the event.
  • PvP is on the back burner since most players aren’t engaging in it; “We are […] not going to be able to go back, reinvent Neverwinter’s PvP and get tons of players playing it without a substantial feature behind it and that’s not happening in the near future.”

There are a lot more answers to be had, so regular fans might do well to read the summary in full or put on the video below as a mindless grind podcast.

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