Gigantic Rampage Edition throws a spotlight over the second previously unreleased character Kajir


Fans are just over a week away from the resurrection of shooter MOBA Gigantic in the form of the Rampage Edition, which means there’s more previews to share from the team at Gearbox Publishing. Namely, a look at the second new character Kajir.

“A melee DPS, assassin archetype hero armed with a sickle and plenty of tricks up his sleeves, Kajir is a fast reflexed feline who has a taste for fighting in the alley and streets. Kajir is extremely mobile with a wide array of sneaky abilities in his arsenal making it easy for him to sneak up on enemies and back stab to take them down with ease.”

As one might anticipate from an assassin-style character, Kajir brings fast and fluid abilities to the battlefield like an Unseen Blade skill that throws a dagger and teleports Kajir to an enemy if it lands, while his Skeleton Crew skill summons copies of himself and his Predator ultimate skill reveals enemy locations to him and his team.

Like Roland before him, Kajir was a character that was planned for release in the original Gigantic, so this is technically an old character that’s new to players. In any event, Gigantic: Rampage Edition will have a sneaky murder cat among its roster when it returns April 9th.

source: press release
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