Albion Online details fortifications, siege banners, and territory chests coming in Foundations


Albion Online is looking to keep excitement for its April 15th Foundations update rolling, which means it’s time for another sneak peek at major portions of the update. Namely, several new gameplay systems that seek to “reshape warfare” in the sandbox’s territories.

The preview starts by taking a close look at the new fortification system, which will be available to guilds at the start of the next season. These forts will have five different layouts possible, each providing natural obstacles and the ability to upgrade their walls, guards, and gates. Upgrading these pieces of a fort requires fortification points, which are automatically generated based on the energy level of the territory a guild holds.

Another major additions is the siege banner, which an attacking player can raise during prime time to weaken territory shields. This feature effectively works like a game of CTF, with the attacking side being tasked with bringing a siege banner to a territory tower and successfully channeling, while the defending side must kill the banner carrier and hold it until it despawns. This system is meant to ensure that territory battles actually occur during prime time and grant defenders predictable times and ways to prepare and fight back.

Finally, Foundations will introduce territory activity chests that fill each day at the beginning of prime time. These chests are located near a territory tower and automatically fill with loot based on PvE activity that happens in local and connected regions. As for opening this box o’ goodies, that can be done either by controlling guilds at the end of prime time or by raiders who successfully sneak into – or raze – guild forts. The preview post offers more details, as does game director Robin Henkys talking about these features from the Comfy Chair in the video below.

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