Torchlight Infinite addresses DPS nerfing, difficulty, and balance


Torchlight Infinite is continuing the comms following its earlier admittance that Season 2 didn’t hit the mark, this time with a bundle of answers to community questions that primarily fixated on DPS and balance.

Some of the answers don’t really blow any doors open but do at least confirm some of the tuning that XD Inc is considering, including confirmation that double dipping on damage bonuses via conversion chains is intended design, explanations about when the devs consider DPS nerfs, promises to bridge the damage gap between spell and attack-based builds in Season 3, and plans to raise the damage cap in the next season.

A bundle of other answers get more granular about things like stash access, difficulty balance, what the devs consider valuable in game design, and specifics on abilities and XP penalties. It’s a generally broad buffet of insight into the mobile MMO’s future that might be worth a read for fans.

source: TapTap
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