Torchlight Infinite offers patch notes and a video preview of its January 12 Season of Blacksail


Torchlight Infinite may have already shared a preview of its January 12th Season of Blacksail, but now it’s sharing another preview as well as the patch notes. So clearly, things have been updated since that first look.

The latest video preview breaks up the next season’s feature set in eight pieces over a 16 minute-long video, with highlights on controller support, a new character and character trait, a preview of the titular Blacksail quest involving some voidal pirates of some sort, and a variety of refinements to gameplay systems and features.

These updates are further outlined in the aforementioned patch notes, which are so large that they had to be put into a Google Doc. Fans should note that not all of the notes have been written out yet; parts four through six are yet to be completed at the time of this writing, but developer XD Games promises they will be added next week.

sources: YouTube, TapTap
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