Torchlight Infinite officially launches out of early access tonight


It’s official launch day for mobile-and-PC Torchlight Infinite, or launch night, rather, as the doors formally open at 8 p.m. EDT this evening. If you gave it a pass back in 2021 when it first emerged, you may want to reconsider as last year developer XD introduced multiplayer elements to the game’s early access, which is how it earned a place on our pages (although it’s apparently still extremely limited and not fully rolled out). It’s also smoothed out some of its gameplay and monetization bumps along the way through multiple content seasons.

In fact, today’s formal global launch includes a season of its own, dubbed Cube of Rapacity, whose titular cube is essentially

“a new gameplay mechanic which adds an intriguing risk-reward dimension to Torchlight’s dungeon-crawling. Mysterious cubes can be looted from creatures known as Desire Incarnations, with a chance to get Divinity Slates – rare artefacts that slot together like puzzle pieces. Complete Divinity Slate patterns to earn rewards in the new season but be warned: the Cube of Rapacity has a way of punishing Hunters who get too greedy.”

As we noted a few weeks back, there’s also a new bombadier hero called Escapist Bing, along with crafting, guild, and trade updates.

Source: Patch notes
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