Diablo Immortal preps S13 as Diablo 2 Resurrected talks grind and Diablo IV readies server slam weekend


Blizzard’s Diablo franchise is a busy bee this week, starting with a length post on the Battlenet blog about Diablo II Resurrected in which the developers discuss the “metamorphosis” the game underwent last fall. Players will recall that the season began with brand-new content for D2, including new zones and charms. The team wanted to reduce some of the grind and – let’s be honest – cheese of getting to cap.

“When the team began ideating on Season Two’s potential new features, they first analyzed how players approached the storied race to level 99. Reaching that level cap is a prestigious achievement accomplished by only a fraction of Resurrected’s millions of players. In Season One, only 787 accomplished it in softcore mode, which allows one to respawn after death, and 136 in hardcore mode, where death is permanent and forces a player to start again from level one.”

Over in Diablo Immortal, Blizzard is launching season 13 bright and early tomorrow morning here in the US; expect the Helliquary raid and gauntlet mode, balancing for a long line of items and skills, adjustments for Accursed Towers, fresh penalties for canceling battleground queues, and of course, the new battle pass.

Finally, the studio is continuing to promote its “server slam” event for Diablo IV this weekend, this time with a brief clip. This’ll be the last time players can swarm the test servers before launch, now less than a month away.

Source: DI, D2, D4
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