Black Desert studio Pearl Abyss on DokeV’s ambitions and market diversification


On this week’s MOP Podcast, we happened to mention that Crimson Desert is several years delayed at this point, so it’s rather convenient that Pearl Abyss brings it up in a new interview with GIbiz today.

The interview is focused on the Korean company’s ambitions beyond its 20-year plan for MMORPG Black Desert, as Pearl Abyss North America CEO JJ Jin discuss the diversification of the industry, the new games it announced (way back in 2019, not “recently” as the interview states), and how to cultivate a live-service community around games that aren’t actually MMOs.

And while there’s nothing new here for MMO-turned-not Crimson Desert beyond a little name-drop, there’s quite a bit about the studio’s ambitions for DokeV, which was also delayed. In fact, if you’re still confused on how to pronounce it (“doh-keh-vee”), well, Jin saw that coming.

“When it came to the name of the project, to be honest, I was against the name DokeV […] I thought it’s hard to pronounce, and I will have to explain it a lot. As a person on the business side, it’s a lot of work just to have people remember this title. But our devs were like, ‘Hey let’s try that! How cool is it that we’ll be the first Korean open-world action adventure that has a very Korean name for its English title?’ On the opposite side, I thought, ‘Yeah, that could be cool. And maybe this could sound exotic to a Western audience instead of going with Legendary Something, Glory Something, or Throne Something.'”

Source: GIbiz
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