Conan Exiles hands out a bundle, shares an infographic, and begins game sales for its 5th anniversary


Conan Exiles is five years old this week, and in addition to hosting a community-focused livestream event, the survival sandbox has also marked the occasion with a few niceties for players to enjoy.

First off, players can snag themselves a free anniversary bundle from the bazaar, which packs in a golden pickaxe, celebratory skull cake sprays for the walls, and a giant cake housing item to plonk on a suitably sturdy table. Secondly, those who were waiting for the anniversary sale to begin can now head over to Steam to get 50% off of the base game, 20% off of the Isle of Siptah expansion, or discounts on bundles between now and May 15th.

Finally, the devs at Funcom have put together an infographic that shares what players have been up to since the Age of Sorcery began, with numbers on the most frequently cast spells, what caused the most player deaths (surprise: it was other players), and the most popular in-game foods.

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