Pearl Abyss has delayed Crimson Desert indefinitely


Earlier this month, when Pearl Abyss emerged from over six months of silence on Crimson Desert to post a mocap video, we speculated that the original “winter 2021” release date on PC seemed unlikely. It turns out that assumption was right, as early this morning the studio announced a delay for the upcoming MMO.

“We have decided that we need to dedicate more time to adding new ideas for an even deeper, more enriching game,” PA posted to Twitter. “Therefore, in order to create the best possible experience, all while ensuring the health and safety of everyone involved in delivering the game, we have decided to delay Crimson Desert’s release. We will provide an updated schedule in the future.”

Pearl Abyss announced the Black Desert-spinoff at the end of 2019, but we didn’t get a massive reveal of the game until last December, when Pearl Abyss dropped the gameplay trailer and described it as a “massive open world action-adventure game, with content designed for both solo play and multiplayer,” kinda crushing any pure MMORPG dreams for the game.

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mars omg

I was a huge BDO player under Kakao, I quit when PA took over because they are running the game into the ground.

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Schlag Sweetleaf

Crimson Desert-ed?

lay off Macduff.jpg
Toy Clown

When the news broke, I was excited to learn more. The impression at that time was that CD would be like BDO, but without PvP and the type of content players are used to from traditional MMOs.

Then the news comes that it’s a single-player story but is still an MMO… Huh? Couple that with being unable to choose a female avatar and I lost all interest and stopped watching development of the game.

Perhaps Pearl Abyss realized the loss of interest.

Jo Watt

Well the info was something along the lines of.. a single player story following that guy as the mc and eventually it leads into some sort of multiplayer experience where you can then make your own avatar … Something like that.

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Ken from Chicago

Um … stupid question: What was the major difference between BLACK DESERT and CRIMSON DESERT?

Aside, presumably, from the color of the sand.


Brief quote:
Crimson Desert is a single-player open-world action adventure game set in the fantasy world of Pyrel, a continent with varying climates including the titular desert, frozen wilderness, and plains populated my a mix of humans and fantasy races. Wars between human nations have awakened mythical beasts while a desert-based cult worshipping a powerful ancient god also poses a terrible threat.

The game follows Macduff, the leader of a band of mercenaries who all have stories of their own. Those characters include a runaway slave, a mother who left her children, and a non-human who lost his mother. Macduff will recruit them from around the world by earning their respect, assembling a team that can face the turmoil that has been caused by the fall of the King of Demeniss, a tyrant who had unified the continent.

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Ken from Chicago

Oh! A single-player version of the game. Thanks. Essentially what Squadron 42 is to Star Citizen (except for the whole having released the multiplayer version and the single-player version being delayed). 👍🤣


It would also have co-op dungeons, where you could play as one of the party’s character. Though when they announced it seemed to be much more MMO focused, everything since has been moving more and more towards a pure single player experience.

What new changes will come with this delay is anyone’s guess though.

Vanquesse V

I’m not even remotely surprised about that, considering we haven’t heard a single thing about that game since they showed it off in December.


I’m hoping this is one of those “ok lets get this right instead of dealing with bug fixes for the rest of the game’s existence”, and not “ok we clearly missed the mark here – back to the drawing board”.


I wonder if they realized they can just keep pumping out seasons and shiny new classes in BDO and milk the playerbase with outfits, inventory space, the various “optional” subscriptions, and pets instead of tying up more money with a new project.


Pretty standard Pearl Abyss. They get big ideas, immediately announce them, then usually have only a fraction of what they announced.