Crimson Desert, originally set to launch this year, posts mocap video


One of the biggest MMOs we were expecting to launch this year hasn’t made many moves so far, and that would be Crimson Desert. MMO fans will recall that Pearl Abyss is working on the multiplayer-sometimes MMO that is something of a spinoff of Black Desert; it was announced at the end of 2019, but we didn’t get a massive reveal of the game until last December, when Pearl Abyss dropped the gameplay trailer and described it as a “massive open world action-adventure game, with content designed for both solo play and multiplayer,” kinda crushing any pure MMORPG dreams for the game. It was also set to launch “winter 2021 on PC.”

But the social media account for the game whirred to life this week with a nifty video showing the game’s “actors hard at work in Pearl Abyss’ newly expanded motion capture facility, fitted with 120+ cameras to capture the best action feels and angles.” If the team is still in the mocap stage, that winter 2021 release isn’t looking too likely. But if they keep putting out videos like this, we might not mind the wait. It’s not like this year hasn’t been busy for MMOs for a change.

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