G-Star 2019: Pearl Abyss fully reveals Crimson Desert, Plan 8, Shadow Arena, and DokeV


Late last night, Pearl Abyss took the stage at Pearl Abyss Connect ahead of G-Star to officially unveil a staggering four new online games that it is adding to its already impressive library. Perhaps of greatest interest to MMO players was the debut of Crimson Desert, a survival fantasy game that looks as brutal as it is immersive.

“While the name ‘Crimson Desert’ was originally a region within Black Desert, Crimson Desert is in fact not a sequel, but a whole new IP,” said Pearl Abyss. “The title started as the prequel to Black Desert, but during development Pearl Abyss began to create an entirely different storyline and a whole new set of characters.”

Crimson Desert does not focus on a group of glorious heroes attempting to rule the continent of Pywel, but instead centers on a host of mercenaries fighting for their lives to survive. As the main character within the first trailer for Crimson Desert, Macduff is the leader of a mercenary group with a tragic past. Distressed over his responsibilities, he must survive in the deadly lands of Pywel. Crimson Desert features both online multiplayer and single player content.”

Crimson Desert will be going into beta for PC and console in next year.

If you feel a bit more trigger-happy, there’s always Plan 8. Pearl Abyss set the expectations: “Set within an expansive sci-fi world filled with interesting and mysterious storylines, exosuit MMO Plan 8 is being developed as a whole new type of shooter through Pearl Abyss’ famous MMORPG combat system and proprietary engine. Plan 8 will be released on PC and console.”

Don’t underestimate Pearl Abyss’ next game reveal, DokeV, just because it looks more kiddy than the rest. It certainly looks like an energetic AR game that’ll give you a good reason to get off the couch and out the door once in a while.

“Being developed as a PC and Console family-friendly MMORPG for all ages, DokeV revolves around the unique creatures called Dokebi that grow and gain power from people’s dreams,” the company said. “An open world filled with adventure built on Pearl Abyss’ next-generation proprietary game engine awaits!

There was a fourth game revealed at G-Star as well. Shadow Arena, a “upcoming, all-new fantasy arena fighter,” is running its closed beta test November 21st through the 24th. You folks will remember the whole saga of how this battle royale was added to BDO and then removed earlier this year.

Shadow Arena originated as a mode within Black Desert where 50 players fought against each other to be the last man standing,” Pearl Abyss explained. “A fantasy arena fighter game, Shadow Arena features two modes, individual and team, where players will experience a unique action-packed combat system. Master the visceral, real-time action to both land attacks on enemies and evade their blows to become the last spirit standing.”

And if you want to watch Pearl Abyss’ full G-Star presentation — which clocks in at an hour and 12 minutes — we have that for you too:

Source: Press release. Cheers to Kinya!
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