And now we're good,yes?

XLGAMES founder Jake Song shares a few lore and gameplay details for ArcheAge 2

The news on ArcheAge 2 has been, admittedly, pretty thin, but that's likely a result of the fact that we've only learned of its...

Elyon shows off gameplay footage and discusses gear enhancement, housing, and crafting

There's been a whole lot shown off by the upcoming MMORPG Elyon over the past few days, and most of it is in video...

G-Star 2020 confirms developers from ArcheAge 2, NBA 2K21 as key speakers

Just in case you're not familiar, G-Star is effectively South Korea's E3, so it probably isn't a big surprise that it's drawing in a...

G-Star 2020 will now be an all-digital event as a result of COVID-19

G-Star, South Korea's biggest games industry show, has officially announced that it will be a fully digital affair for 2020 as a result of...

Korean MMORPG Summoners War: Chronicle launches globally in 2020

We're positive you won't remember this because we sure didn't, but at G-Star way back in 2017, Com2uS trotted a bunch of its new...

Pearl Abyss drops new Crimson Desert screenshots and design notes

So, other than MOP's Carlo (who's absolutely losing his mind over the game), who's hyped for Pearl Abyss' Crimson Desert? Because the Korean mega-studio...

Crimson Desert’s lead producer talks about PvE, co-op campaigns, and trade

Our own Black Desert columnist and many of our readers have pondered aloud just what awaits players in Crimson Desert, one of several newly...

G-Star 2019: Project Arena brings boxy cross-platform MMO gaming for PC and mobile

The devs at the newly formed studio NGel Games have unveiled a new MMORPG for PC and mobile called Project Arena, which looks to...

The MOP Up: Warhammer Odyssey’s Slayer warms up for action

Who will you be when you adventure in Warhammer Odyssey's mobile world? The stocky and surly Dwarf Slayer would like to make a bid...

G-Star 2019: Netmarble’s Ni no Kuni boasts five classes and a new trailer

Near the end of October, we caught wind of a mobile MMORPG based on the Ni no Kuni franchise, but there weren't alot of...
Oh, boo-hoo.

EVE Online is officially live in South Korea

For far too long, the only way for residents of South Korea to experience the loop of mining for minerals to support pointless military...

G-Star 2019: Pearl Abyss fully reveals Crimson Desert, Plan 8, Shadow Arena, and DokeV

Late last night, Pearl Abyss took the stage at Pearl Abyss Connect ahead of G-Star to officially unveil a staggering four new online games...

Pearl Abyss announces three new MMOs: Crimson Desert, Plan 8, and DokeV

Well, it may have been a little bit spoilered by leaks around the internet, but it's official now: Pearl Abyss has just formally announced...
Perhaps start by wearing some.

Blade & Soul grants character boosts, Blade & Soul Revolution struts its stuff on mobile

With only a few weeks left before Blade & Soul drops its "biggest patch ever," NCsoft is gifting players a bundle of goodies to...
Well, I'm mollified.

Peria Chronicles is not at G-Star, reportedly to save demo development time

If you've forgotten about Peria Chronicles, you can get a refresher in the game's trailer from last year down below. And that's more news...

That EA and Nexon announcement is a FIFA-sized kick in the you-know-where

Well. Talk about an intentional foul. That "mystery MMO" that EA and Nexon were teasing? It turns out that it was merely for FIFA Online...

Nexon and EA to announce mystery MMO this week

Don't let the anticipation of a certain convention cause you to overlook some other big online gaming news this week. This Thursday, Nexon and...

Mobile dino MMO Durango eyes global beta test

Have those post-Turkey Day blues? A good dose of dino fun is bound to pick up your spirits. Durango, the mobile survival sim featuring...

Blade and Soul announces the Gunslinger and Korean F2P

It seems so very long ago, but the beginning of 2016 was dominated with excitement and expectations for Blade and Soul. For a good...

Astellia Online proves that MMOs and TCGs can coexist in harmony

One of the games that's emerging from G-Star 2016 is Nexon's Astellia Online, an MMO that heavily incorporates digital card game-like features into its...