XLGAMES founder Jake Song shares a few lore and gameplay details for ArcheAge 2

And now we're good,yes?

The news on ArcheAge 2 has been, admittedly, pretty thin, but that’s likely a result of the fact that we’ve only learned of its existence this past September and work on the game has likely made its first steps. That said, we’ve gotten a few more details out of XLGAMES’ Jake Song during this year’s G-Star event.

Song confirmed that ArcheAge 2 will be taking place on the eastern continent of Haranya, the original home of humans, elves, and dwarves, and will take place 2,000 years before the events of ArcheAge. Song also confirmed that some of the races that were in the original game’s artwork but weren’t added to the game will be in ArcheAge 2.

As for gameplay details, Song said that the overall theme of the new game will also be focused on exploration, and he hoped that activities like trading, player housing, farming, and crafting will have stronger connections thanks to some manner of synergy. He also mentioned that new housing systems are being tested, including a player township system. Finally, any in-game wars will happen on the main continent instead of between the sequel’s continent and ArcheAge’s continent of Nuia. Probably because of that whole 2,000 year gap thing.

source: MMO Culture
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