EverQuest’s Claws of Veeshan expansion gets a December launch date (and a $250 edition)


Pull your excited face out of long-term storage, boys and girls, because EverQuest’s latest expansion is coming sooner than you’d think. In fact, Daybreak Game Company just announced that Claws of Veeshan is scheduled for a December 8th release.

Daybreak first revealed the expansion back in October, saying, “Our 27th Expansion for EverQuest is named Claws of Veeshan and continues the tales that began in Torment of Velious. Velious is overwhelmed with writhing ice. Frozen undead swarm everywhere. The few survivors that remain throw aside old hatreds — for now at least — and band together to survive.”

Players can pre-order the expansion for $35… if they want the basic, plain-Jane version. There’s also a collector’s edition for $90, a premium edition for $140, and a “Friends and Family Edition” for $250. No, that’s not a typo. Two-hundred and fifty dollars for a package that comes with a second, tradable copy of the expansion and some other goodies.

Source: Twitter
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