XLGAMES finally confirms ArcheAge 2, a next-gen large-scale AAA MMORPG

Jake Song aims to blend 'Lineage and WoW'


ArcheAge 2 is more than a rumor now – it’s a sure thing. The news comes according to Korean website Ruliweb, which reports that Jake Song has put together a team of 50 devs to work on the Unreal Engine 5 sequel under the XLGAMES and Kakao banners.

The gist is that the game is expected to “creatively inherit Archeage’s unique freedom and sandbox style to establish itself as the next-generation large-scale AAA-class MMORPG” that “connects Lineage and WoW” in the “epitome of a new MMORPG” with high “marketability and workability.”

MMO Culture has translated a bit more info pieced together from other interviews with Korean press; apparently, the goal is to ramp up the team and push the game out faster than the original game, to keep a focus on core content (like housing and seafaring) and avoid feature creep, and to support player freedom without trying to please every imaginable type of gamer. More info is is expected next year, and at this point, we have no reason to assume it won’t launch in the west, given Song’s excitement over the original game’s huge popularity here.

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