XLGAMES finally confirms ArcheAge 2, a next-gen large-scale AAA MMORPG

Jake Song aims to blend 'Lineage and WoW'


ArcheAge 2 is more than a rumor now – it’s a sure thing. The news comes according to Korean website Ruliweb, which reports that Jake Song has put together a team of 50 devs to work on the Unreal Engine 5 sequel under the XLGAMES and Kakao banners.

The gist is that the game is expected to “creatively inherit Archeage’s unique freedom and sandbox style to establish itself as the next-generation large-scale AAA-class MMORPG” that “connects Lineage and WoW” in the “epitome of a new MMORPG” with high “marketability and workability.”

MMO Culture has translated a bit more info pieced together from other interviews with Korean press; apparently, the goal is to ramp up the team and push the game out faster than the original game, to keep a focus on core content (like housing and seafaring) and avoid feature creep, and to support player freedom without trying to please every imaginable type of gamer. More info is is expected next year, and at this point, we have no reason to assume it won’t launch in the west, given Song’s excitement over the original game’s huge popularity here.


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They had better pick a better Western Publisher and not screw over their fans again.


Interesting. ArcheAge still doesn’t feel old enough to have a sequel, but that’s probably because MMO sequels are rare and infrequent (unless you count mobile spinoffs).

The original ArcheAge sounded interesting to me, but the game itself never impressed me enough to really invest any time into it. It will be interesting to see what ArchAge 2 becomes, but the cynical part of me has a feeling that the sequel may mostly be a way to distance itself from the controversy that the original has become so synonymous with.


Its funny how MMO gamers have boycot every subscription game over the last decade and prayed to f2p jesus..

“oh why to pay a sub? with a f2p I can pay only for the content I am interested” like silly advertisements on tv..

And now they cry for p2w cash shops, because oh in a capitalistic world the company wants to make money and pay their employs and people dont buy costumes and cosmetics…

MMO Gamers got exactly what they deserved.

Bruno Brito


Some of the most successful MMOs out right now have extremely little P2W. GW2 sells money but that’s it, and WoW has no P2W to speak of. ESO is a heavyhanded cashshop, but it’s still not P2W territory, it’s more of a “this company really wants me to waste time “.

Those games live well off cosmetics and costumes.

Are you playing MMOs? we’re literally into a transition to way less cashshops being able to sell power.

And this is Archeage. It’s hardly what i would call a successful game, let alone a game that will set any kind of standard for the industry.


They are competing with Bless on how many re-release they can do :P

To be honest, if AA had the same karma system as BDO and there was no gang plus there was instanced housing for everyone I would probably play it a lot.

Lets hope this time they will understand that creating a game for problematic psycho gangers is not going to earn you money. BDO know this. New World also figured it out. Lets hope XL Games will also figure it out as well.


Good news however if they go with Trion again I’m sure the game would be DoA for many.

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omg, the comments here, the comments! My mind is boggling on all cylinders. :D

*goes back to quietly playing and enjoying Archeage*


Well… I don’t know.

On the one hand, Jake Song, from the interviews I’ve read intended AA to be every bit what the game was in Alpha. And as an Alpha player I can tell you, it was great. It seriously could have become one of the biggest MMOS if not the biggest.

On the other, you can’t overlook XLgames’ hand in the mismanagement of the game despite the publishers total incompetence. Trion is largely responsible for what happened to AA, but it was XL that was driving that highway to hell.

So… I’ll play Alpha again and be done by launch. Hopefully it is a long runway.

Jim Bergevin Jr

I could not agree more.

Andrew Ross
Andrew Ross

I think we’re in the same boat. I lost track of all the alphas/betas I did across various versions of the game, but I think CBT3 in Korea was probably my favorite and really got me on board.

…and then I think towards the end of the paid beta in the US I got off and never looked back. It wasn’t that the game was “bad” yet imo, it was that it was returning to continuous gating procedures I just can’t stand as a veteran of the genre.

I wish them well but there’s a line about including cars again and I just can’t, unless the setting is very different from the original.

Bryan Turner

I just came here for the comments.

I’m pretty sure it’ll offer the same shallow PVE gameplay, on the skeleton of Gank Box mechanics, with Pay to Win monetization.


While I wish them nothing but the best building this new game, I won’t even consider it until its had a solid run for a year and a half – 2. I don’t trust them so lets see actions before you see my money.


After how badly ArcheAge was handled by XL, I don’t really have high hopes for a sequel game.