Throne & Liberty elaborates on monetization and PvP concerns following its showcase video


Last week saw Throne & Liberty dish up its promised launch showcase video, which granted potential players around the globe a look at several features of the incoming MMORPG. Following that preview, the game’s producer Ahn Jong-ok received some additional comments regarding pets, mounts, and PvP, prompting him to pen a new letter to address them.

Ahn begins by clarifying that Amitois (aka pets) and mount transformations will not have any rank system, whether they were earned by playing the game or purchased from the cash shop, while also reiterating that those who complete related collection books will not need to purchase pets or mounts to do so. This is all being done in order to further ensure that T&L avoids any assumption of being pay-to-win.

He then discusses PvP concerns, clarifying that there will not be open PvP across the map or in most world boss fights, with the exception of times when PvPvE hunting ground events kick off. Ahn also claims the team is preparing unspecified “alternatives for non-PvP users in all areas,” though that explanation may be lost as a result of auto-translation garbling the message.

Finally, Ahn closes by confirming what T&L will be demonstrating at this year’s G-Star event, which will showcase a single-player boss dungeon, a six-player party dungeon, and a guild raid, so those who are eager to look at some PvE activity appear to be well served.

source: official KR site, thanks to Leiloni for the tip!
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