G-Star 2020 confirms developers from ArcheAge 2, NBA 2K21 as key speakers


Just in case you’re not familiar, G-Star is effectively South Korea’s E3, so it probably isn’t a big surprise that it’s drawing in a lot of larger studios. That said, G-Star 2020, which is going all-digital this year, has raked in a variety of studio speakers from around the globe, including some from our part of the world.

Among the speakers at this year’s event are Hideki Kamiya of PlatinumGames to discuss action game creation, XLGames’ Jake Song to discuss the development of ArcheAge 2 as well as Korean gaming trends, and developers from 2K Games to discuss the creation of NBA 2K21 (which, by the way, has a game mode that’s extremely MMO-like), and a spokesperson from Facebook to discuss VR gaming.

These are just a few of the speakers slated for the event, showcasing that there are a whole lot of studios angling for some attention this year. And as we know in many cases, what happens to games in Korea can affect certain titles on our side of the world, so it will be on our general radar. G-Star will be running between November 17th and the 21st.

source: press release
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