Helldivers 2 CEO holds an impromptu Q&A about balance, gameplay, and returning the game to Steam


If you’re not among those living inside the official Discord for Helldivers 2 (and nobody would blame you for not doing so since it’s kind of a morass), you might have missed the time when Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt hopped in to chat with players, which ended up turning into a sort of brief Q&A session.

The visit by Pilestedt was ostensibly about whether or not players felt like the launch of the game’s new premium battle pass should be delayed in light of the recent PSN kerfuffle and in the interest of optics, but afterwards he started to answer a few of the questions posed by players.

The discussion closes with Pilestedt agreeing that perhaps it’s high time for a full AMA; plans to arrange that will be discussed with the team.

source: Discord
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