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Escape from Tarkov adds offline single-player and offers currency for reporting cheaters

Sure, you can try to fight cheaters in online games with technology, but that just ends up turning into an arms race. One of...

Polaris is an upcoming four-player PvE shooter featuring fully destructible environments

Yes, we've got another upcoming multiplayer shooter on our hands, but this one might have enough interesting wrinkles to it to raise it above...

The Stream Team: Fighting the foes of managed democracy in Helldivers 2

It's time yet again for MOP's Chris to slip on his helmet, grab his favorite weapons, and strap on his cape as he and...

Escape from Tarkov studio offers special edition compensation in the form of a single-use $50 coupon

Escape from Tarkov developer Battlestate Games just can't stop shooting itself in the foot over its PvE mode debacle. As a refresher, the studio...

Helldivers 2 CEO holds an impromptu Q&A about balance, gameplay, and returning the game to Steam

If you're not among those living inside the official Discord for Helldivers 2 (and nobody would blame you for not doing so since it's...
This is who you are.

Escape from Tarkov causes firestorm by locking PvE mode behind $250 special edition

Battlestate Games has decided that access to a PvE mode for its otherwise PvP-centric shooter Escape from Tarkov is worth a whole lot of...

The Stream Team: A round of hot drops into the bug and robot killing fields of Helldivers 2

MOP's Chris is back for another bout of Helldivers 2 with his best friend! Now that he's got more time under his belt and...

The Division 2 announces overhauls to PvE and PvP with its Project Resolve seasonal update

Ubisoft is full of determination, or at the very least resolve, as the studio has laid out plans for Project Resolve, a seasonal update...
And again.

Overwatch 2 dev says new story missions won’t be arriving in its next two seasons

With Overwatch 2 bringing PvE content (such as it is) like story missions in its August 10th update, you might assume that successive...
Oh, yeah, things are going super, we lied.

Overwatch 2 discusses hero mastery mode, progression updates, new missions, and Flashpoint PvP mode

Yesterday saw the Overwatch 2 team come together in a developer broadcast to call attention to the various features scheduled to arrive in the...