Overwatch 2 dev says new story missions won’t be arriving in its next two seasons

And again.

With Overwatch 2 bringing PvE content (such as it is) like story missions in its August 10th update, you might assume that successive seasons will be adding to the story mission pile. However, you may want to temper those expectations, as one of the shooter’s devs has confirmed that there is going to be something of a content drought on that front.

Executive producer Jared Neuss stated in a livestream that players shouldn’t expect the next round of story missions to arrive “in the next season or the season after that” because it grants the developers time to “make changes or add features.”

Going from that statement and the shooter’s seasonal timetable, that means more story missions won’t likely come until 2024: August 10th will begin Season 6 and will likely run until sometime in mid-October, since OW seasons run for nine weeks, and since Seasons 7 and 8 won’t have more story missions, there likely won’t be anything more until sometime in mid-February.

This news could very well be another hit to confidence for OW fans who were eager for the shooter’s PvE features, which as referenced earlier was already scaled back after lengthy delays, to say nothing of the fact that players will have to shell out money to keep playing story missions. Now we know that there’s going to be a gap in-between as well.

source: Twitch via Kotaku
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