G-STAR 2023: NCsoft previews not just Throne & Liberty but Battle Crush, LLL, Project BSS, Project G, and Project M


Throne and Liberty may be the most interesting MMO in NCsoft’s pipeline for MMORPG players, but it’s far from the only multiplayer title the Korean gaming giant is working on, and that’s only been emphasized with its showcase at G-STAR this week. In addition to T&L, it’s teasing five additional titles. They’re not all new, having (at minimum) been mentioned in investor reports before now, but now we have trailers for all of them and not just the ones furthest along in development. To wit:

  • Battle Crush, which we’ve covered before, is a “battle brawler” coming to the PC, mobile, and Switch.
  • LLL is billed as an “expansion open-world MMO shooter.”
  • Project BSS is a collectible RPG with a new IP.
  • Project G is an MMORTS for PC and mobile.
  • Project M is an “interactive adventure” game for PC and console.
  • And of course, there’s Throne & Liberty, launching under the Amazon banner here in the west next year.

More details on the games that haven’t had wide English-language reveals is promised at G-Star tomorrow.


Source: Press release
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