Tarisland takes a closer look at its inscribed stone system and inscribed stone skills as closed beta rolls on


Despite the second closed beta test of Tarisland continuing to march forth, Tencent’s Level Infinite is still keen to outline features that are in the current build of the MMORPG, as its latest feature spotlight takes a deep-dive into the recently added inscribed stone mechanics.

The inscribed stone skill itself effectively grants all classes a nice tasty buff that increases movement speed, faster cooldown reduction, and an improvement to a spec-specific skill. Players are advised to use the system wisely, however, as building up the energy to engage this buff takes time.

Running parallel to the inscribed stone skill is a node system that unlocks stat bonuses or passive skills for characters, while certain special nodes can be embedded with emblems for additional benefits. Unlocking nodes requires inscribed energy, which is gathered from world bosses, dark invasions, the Universal Hall instance, or other events around the game world. The post lauds these systems as a way for players to further customize their chosen spec and react to the needs of a fight.

Tarisland’s second closed beta test is set to run for at least two weeks. We’ll be offering our impressions from this test soon, but until then we had our first taste of the MMORPG earlier this week on OPTV; you can watch that below the cut.

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