Battle of the betas: Tarisland enters second closed beta as Pax Dei kicks off Home Valley test


What are the chances that two big MMORPGs start key testing on exactly the same 24-hour period? Well, I don’t know, but it’s definitely happened, as both Tarisland and Pax Dei have demonstrated this week.

Tarisland has just kicked off its second closed beta test – what it characterizes as a “paid closed beta test with data wipe.” This leg of the not-a-WoW-clone from Tencent will showcase nine classes (including the new Phantom Necro and Shadow Swordsman), two raids, give dungeons, class balancing, a pair of battlegrounds, the PvP arena, the inscribed stone system, and even fishing, for those players lucky enough to be in. Do note that the cash shop is in testing too (which is presumably the explanation for the term “paid”). We’ll be taking a look during our afternoon livestream, so join us for the fun then!

Meanwhile, Mainframe’s sandbox Pax Dei’s alpha servers opened yesterday for the Home Valley test, a limited event meant to put players through the tasks of exploration, gathering, socializing, and building a house. The test runs through November 27th for the 5000 players invited, as the team warns about “earthquakes” causing “large-scale building destruction.” Oops!

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