Old School RuneScape releases Leagues IV Trailblazer, causing the servers to buckle under the strain


Today is both a big day and a sore day for fans of Old School RuneScape’s temporary game modes, as Jagex officially opened the doors of its Leagues IV: Trailblazer Reloaded mode, engaging a player stampede of such volume that the MMORPG’s servers almost immediately broke under the weight of it all.

As we’ve reported previously, this new edition of Trailblazer brings tweaked relics and tasks, new zones, and the wide assortment of prior mode features, all while Jagex claims that previous strategies will not be of use in this new league.

However, the starting few hours of Trailblazer have not been smooth ones, as both a dedicated tracker and the MMORPG’s Twitter page have been awash with news of hotfixes, load problems, and login errors spawned from so many people attempting to get in-game at once. The most recent update came earlier this morning, with Jagex noting it’s still seeing a large number of failed logins and assuring players it’s working on it. “Things will continue to improve between now and then, so don’t give up trying!” the studio urges.

sources: official site (1, 2), Twitter
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