Lost Ark launches the Souleater and jump-start server reconnections in today’s Soul Harvest update


This week has been a bit of bad news/good news for Lost Ark, as Amazon and Smilegate admitted earlier this week that the balance update for the Korean edition of the game won’t launch simultaneously in our global edition, meaning western players are left in the lurch as we wait for not just the patch but a timeline and explanation for the delay.

However, that doesn’t mean the game is without content for this week’s November patch, as the Soul Harvest update is indeed landing today, albeit also delayed. The star of the show is the Souleater advanced class: “The Souleater – the Master of Specters – is an Assassin subclass who wields a giant scythe to collect her enemies’ souls. Souleater can choose to attack in three different ways: directly with the scythe, by summoning the dead, or with powerful Deathlord attacks.”

Amazon has also dispatched the new powerpass and leveling event to help players catch up the new class, and the patch introduces multiple quality-of-life perks to party formation, potions, lifeskilling, the UI, dungeons, and the Ocean Liner travel system. Do note that the relink of jump-start servers is on deck too:

“In the November Update, we will be reconnecting Jump-Start Servers. When Jump-Start Servers are reconnected to their respective region, they will function like any other server, with the Auction House, Marketplace, PvE Matchmaking, and Party-Finder all available to play and interact with other players in that region. The Jump-Start Server progression events will continue as previously planned until December 13, 2023.”

The patch was meant to come up early this morning but was delayed for all regions to this afternoon:

Edit: And again. That’s uptime planned for 3 p.m. EST.

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