Lost Ark confirms its Soul Harvest update will not feature KR version’s latest class balancing


There will always be some gulfs between the Korean version and western version of Lost Ark no matter how much Amazon Games wants that to not be true, which is precisely the case for the OARPG’s upcoming Soul Harvest update, as Amazon has confirmed that while other content features like the Souleater class will arrive tomorrow, a recent balance patch for the Korean version will not.

The balance update in question appears to have a lot of players excited: Adjustments include slightly reduced cooldowns for mobility skills for most classes, refinements to skill functions and procs intended to make many classes easier to play, and a focus on primarily buffing abilities for nearly every class, with only a few exceptions like the Wardancer.

Unfortunately, Amazon is going to hit the brakes on when these tweaks will arrive to our version of LA, along with plans to release an article that explains its approach for bringing balance updates and quality-of-life features over to our shores sometime next week and acknowledging players’ excitement for the KR build’s updates.

Initial reactions to this reveal are generally pretty mixed, with most replies to the tweet primarily being angry ones while fans on Reddit appear to be surprisingly calm, with most focusing on the fact that Amazon acknowledged the playerbase’s expectations at all. Still, there are the memes because that’s just how we cope with disappointment in these modern times.

sources: Twitter, official KR site, Reddit (1, 2, 3)
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