Lost Ark shows off the Souleater arriving on November 15


The latest player option for Lost Ark arrives in the game on November 15th, the Souleater. And she’s a very original class the likes of which you have never seen before; she wields a giant scythe and summons a monstrous evil creature of darkness to augment her attacks, culminating in a mode wherein she channels the Deathlord she summons directly. The sort of class design you’ve never seen before, truly, and you will draw absolutely no parallels to any other game when you read through the full rundown of her abilities.

Of course, the developers don’t want you to have to spend too much time leveling up your Souleater from scratch, so there will be events and promotions to help you get her up to speed and into the endgame as fast as possible. You can also expect balance fixes and quality-of-life improvements when the patch arrives next week, but for now, just feast your eyes on the Souleater.

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