Kickstarted MMORPG sandbox Fractured Online relaunches early access on Steam today


We say this with nothing but kindness in our hearts: The return of Fractured Online is not something most people would’ve bet on at the top of 2023, but it’s officially happening now. As in today.

Readers will surely remember that Fractured Online was the Dynamight Studios sandbox MMORPG Kickstarted back in 2018 for $130K; by the end of 2021, the studio was sheltering within the publishing arms of Gamigo, which pushed it into early access in the fall of 2022. And then it all came crashing down as Gamigo was slammed with layoffs and closures and Fractured vanished from the company’s website amid swirling rumors over funding and lawsuits. Just before Christmas last year, Dynamight announced it was moving the beleaguered MMO back into closed testing for significant do-overs, and by April of this year, Dynamight and Gamigo had formally parted ways and the indie team had the game back in development, where it’s been all year – until today, when it’ll officially migrate to early access once again.

Early this morning, Dynamight posted a few last-minute clarifications on its 20% launch discount, gamemasters, and day-one patch. The launch was originally slated for 10 a.m. EST but has been bumped to 1 p.m. EDT “to better allow the people of Valve (Steam), based in the US West Coast, to support [the team] during the relaunch.”

Source: Official site. Thanks, Travis! <3
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