Lord of the Rings Online releases its ninth expansion, Corsairs of Umbar, today


Grab your Hobbit-brand sunscreen, find your most flattering cosmetic swimsuit for your Elf, and head down to the tropical south for Lord of the Rings Online’s latest expansion. Corsairs of Umbar, the ninth major addition to the MMO, releases today with a brand-new region and biome to explore.

“Face the Rising Tide of the Kindred’s Power! Unfurl the sails and brace yourself for the intoxicating rush of adventure as you approach the enigmatic shores of Umbar! Feel the sea’s salt kiss your face and the promise of untold tales beckon from the horizon,” SSG said.

The expansion includes the new Mariner class (which released last month), a level cap increase to 150, over 350 quests, the latest epic story, a crafting revamp, and four new zones. Corsairs of Umbar’s dungeons and a new raid are expected to come early in 2024.

The studio also released this concept art of the “Kindred of the Coin” — the rogues gallery which is leading Umbar post-War of the Ring:

Source: LOTRO
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