The Daily Grind: Do your MMO builds gravitate toward aesthetics or mechanics?

Every single class and build in every MMO is governed by two separate but interlocking things, the look and the feel. These things do...

Tarisland’s Shadow Swordsman is the flexible poisoner who takes no prisoners

Today is a momentous day for fans of Tarisland, as the upcoming fantasy MMO announced its Earthspirit Saga, a three-expansion storyline that kicks off...

Lost Ark shows off the Souleater arriving on November 15

The latest player option for Lost Ark arrives in the game on November 15th, the Souleater. And she's a very original class the likes...

Tarisland’s Ranger looks like the comfiest hunter class fantasy

Considering how popular Hunters were -- and are -- in World of Warcraft, we'd say it stands to reason that Tarisland's Ranger will receive...

Upcoming MMO The Quinfall reveals four of its classes plus character creator

While we wouldn't want you to get your hopes up that you'll be part of The Quinfall's vaunted player-testing team -- if, indeed, that...
Kind of rogue.

The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the most roguish Rogue?

Rogues, Thieves, Smugglers, Scoundrels... they have many names, although for some reason we rarely see classes labeled Scofflaw or Blackguard. (I would play a...

No, Lord of the Rings Online’s newest class won’t be the Corsair

Players are having a field day speculating about the new class coming to Lord of the Rings Online with this fall's expansion. And while...
Skeleton dance forever.

The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the most satisfying classes?

Not every MMO has classes. Sometimes that's more a function of strict definition than anything; sure, your character can technically do anything, but as...
And this continues somehow.

Ragnarok Origin adds Dancer and Bard to the Archer class progression

So you started playing Ragnarok Origin as an Archer, but you're level 39 and you've realized what you really want to do is dance...
Bring it!

Elyon announces the arrival of the Soulbringer class on September 7

Despite the name, the new class being added to Elyon is not really known primarily for bringing souls to a fight. The most obvious...
Bringing souls!

Elyon previews its upcoming new content including a new class, the Soulbringer

Do you like classes with blades? Do you like classes with souls? Do those two words remind you of some other MMORPG out on...
I'm sure it's a coincidence.

The Daily Grind: What classes do you always fail at playing in an MMO?

I've tried many a time, and I no doubt will try many more, but I never really enjoy pure casters in MMOs. I love...

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis adds Halloween fun and the Bouncer with its latest patch

It's time to celebrate Halloween in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis! You might be wondering what the actual lore reasons are for the game...
Easy sell.

The Daily Grind: What sort of character options do you gravitate toward in a new MMO?

Look, I consider myself a simple person with straightforward tastes. Give me a new MMO and I am going to go for dual-wielding swords....

The Daily Grind: Do you even like classless MMOs, bro

Let's talk about classlessness. A few years after World of Warcraft took off, there was a push in the MMO industry to revive earlier...

Swords of Legends Online shows off its Spearmaster class

If you're looking forward to Swords of Legends Online but want to be contrary about what sort of weaponry you use to poke at...

Blade and Soul launches its third Summoner specialization with its next patch on April 14

Sometimes, you want a new specialization for a class in Blade & Soul that's grounded in something like a deep reflection on martial arts and...
Let's pretend this looks cool.

TERA’s console version is adding the Elin Valkyrie on March 25

The next patch for the console version of TERA is only a couple of days away, and it brings with it the option to make...
These cores require additional punks.

Corepunk’s class options expand to include the Mercenary, Pain Reaper, and Warmonger

Have you settled on a class to play when Corepunk's beta arrives? You may want to reserve judgment until you read the full reveal...

Lord of the Rings Online informal player survey highlights the least and most popular classes

If you've ever wondered which class is the most popular in Lord of the Rings Online, Squirle over at LOTRO Players has your back....