Swords of Legends Online shows off its Spearmaster class


If you’re looking forward to Swords of Legends Online but want to be contrary about what sort of weaponry you use to poke at things even though the game is named after swords, may we suggest… spears? That’s the whole trick behind the Spearmaster class, the latest one to be revealed. What does it do? Well, as the name suggests, it summons constructs to repair items and sell unwanted items. No, really.

Also, it can poke stuff with a spear. We guess.

The class features two main specializations, with the melee DPS option of launching enemies into the air and disabling them or the tank option putting you at the forefront of the group with summoned shield walls. (Which also isn’t a spear, but we guess “Spears-and-shields-and-summoning-master” isn’t really catchy.) If you’re liking what you’re seeing so far in terms of class options, keep an eye out for the game’s next livestream coming on April 21st, which will supposedly cover the game’s monetization for launch.

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